Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Hello! I'm back from a lovely time in London, where I attended a fantastic talk (as detailed below) and saw Elaine (Random Jottings) - also, unexpectedly, Lynne (dovegreyreader). After that, and during today, I saw many friends from uni who have made the move to London... Emily, Karina, Will, Hannah, Matt and Joy. Gosh! What a busy couple of days. Started and finished two books, too. And it won't surprise you to learn that I bought a few books... five, in fact, but four were in a charity shop. Shall reveal all later, when I'm not too tired to get my camera... but for a little preamble I shall ask... Miss Read: yes or no?


  1. Early books, yes. Later ones, no. Start with Village School.

  2. Yes! Great comfort reading, and the audio books read by Gwen Watford are lovely. I've always preferred Fairacre to Thrush Green but haven't read that many TG so feelings may change.

  3. Yes! Thanks for reminding me about her books - time for a re-read!

  4. Come over to the United States and visit us here in Columbia,South Carolina.I think that you would like it. :-)

  5. Yes, but I haven't read one for years and years.

  6. Definitely comfort reading - and, at times, my life in the Forest of Dean!

  7. Peter the Flautist21 November 2008 20:03

    What is this "comfort" concept?

    Calvinist Cat
    Motto "Strength through misery"

  8. Comfort is when it is dreary outside or you are feeling dreary inside and you sit down, preferably curled up on a sofa, old baggy clothes on, socks on, cup of tea/coffee whatever to hand, a chocolate biscuit or two and a book. The book has to be of a certain kind - a reread perhaps of a childhood book which brings back happy memories, a 1930s thriller, a romance - anything that does not need you to analysis, think or comment on. I feel a post coming on now and may have to tackle the entire concept of comfort reading over the weekend!


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