Wednesday 22 April 2015

Me... on The Readers podcast!

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's pic of my haul - do keep 'em coming!

I was going to save this for a mention in another post, but I couldn't wait. It's no secret that I have long wanted to appear on an episode of The Readers (and actually had that privilege in its very early days, where I talked about my favourite books). I've not been subtle about it.

Well, this time I got to be a guest for the whole episode! I stayed a night with Thomas while in DC, and we recorded an episode in his beautiful library (with Simon replacing Simon for an ep, confusingly).

I was pretty nervous and stunned to start with, but relaxed after a bit and had a really great time discussing bookish things with Thomas - specifically (1) our ideal bookish holidays, and (2) how many chances you give an author before giving up on them. And all sorts of tangents.

If you don't already subscribe to The Readers through iTunes or similar, you should - it's always fab - but you can download the episode by searching there, or you can listen online here.

Thomas and Simon do it every fortnight, so do check it out. I had such a blast doing it, and it goes without saying that I'd always be thrilled to be invited back, if I haven't disgraced myself. And it has rather given me a taste for podcasting... something I will mull over.

Anyway - go and have a listen, or download it and listen while walking/driving/etc. and let me know what you think!


  1. My daughter and I listened to the episode this morning and were delighted all the way through - especially the bit about the best levels of friendship being with friends with whom you can be comfortable sitting silently and reading …

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! And that you agree about that level of friendship :)

  2. An appeal for books from authors/publishers for a good cause - which I share here because it's the best I can do, but feel free to delete if it's inappropriate for your blog. Anyone acting on it, please note the subject matter guidance.

  3. I just listened to it yesterday and it was such fun to hear you and Thomas chat and rib each other about books. I laughed quite a few times. Especially the quasi under your breath comments about Thomas rubbing the salt of his visit to Sissinghurst into your wound. And thanks for bringing up Rebecca in Simon S.’ absence…you know there cannot be an episode without that book coming up at least once. : )

  4. I've been enjoying the podcast for a couple of years now and love the informal banter and humour. Wish Gav was still there full-time though....anyway, was five minutes into the podcast this morning when Deacon started nudging me out of bed. So, now the plan is to take you and Thomas along for a walk through the trails!


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