Monday 4 November 2013

My Life in Books: Redux

Thanks everyone, this has been a really fun week!  I hope you've enjoyed yourselves, and thanks again to the fourteen wonderful bloggers who agreed to participate in series four.  There will be another series at some point next year - I already have some people in mind, but I'll also be asking for suggestions in a few months' time.

If you're relatively new to Stuck-in-a-Book, or came for the first time this week, (welcome and) you might have missed some of the previous series - and I'm pretty sure you'll want to catch up on the other 44 bloggers and blog-readers who have participated before.  Yes, 58 people have taken part in My Life in Books since it began here!  How lovely.  The full list is below...

Series One

Karen and Susan's Life in Books
Lyn and Our Vicar's Wife/Anne's Life in Books
Lisa and Victoria's Life in Books
Darlene and Our Vicar/Peter's Life in Books
Annabel  and Thomas's Life in Books
David and Elaine's Life in Books
Harriet and Nancy's  Life in Books

Series Two

Rachel and Teresa's Life in Books
Claire and Colin's Life in Books
Hayley and Karyn's Life in Books
Jenny and Kim's Life in Books 
Danielle and Sakura's Life in Books
Claire B and Nymeth/Ana's Life in Books
Gav and Polly's Life in Books
Eva and Simon S's Life in Books

Series Three

Jackie and John's Life in Books
Iris and Verity's Life in Books
Tanya and Margaret's Life in Books
Stu and Florence's Life in Books
Lisa and Jane's Life in Books
Laura and Jodie's Life in Books
Frances and David's Life in Books

Series Four

Pam and Peter's Life in Books
Barbara and Lisa's Life in Books
Vicki and Sasha's Life in Books
Alison and Mystica's Life in Books
My and Christine's Life in Books
Alex and Liz's Life in Books
Erica and Karen's Life in Books


  1. Thank you again for having us! It was a wonderful series, and it added to my "to read" list - both books and blogs.

  2. I really enjoyed the whole week. Thank you to everyone involved for some fascinating posts, and Simon for co-ordinating.

  3. Lovely series - and thanks for summarising, I'll certainly be catching up on past series!

  4. It was lovely - I loved 'meeting' everyone else, and seeing how they felt about books, and discovering new reads. Thank you for organising it, and for inviting me to take part.

  5. Ever since you started this series, Simon, I kept thinking 'what would I chose?' but never really thought I would be invited because, as you say, I'm not a book blogger. So thank you for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to many more series in future.

  6. Haven't had time to comment daily, but have loved getting to know these bloggers better this week. Thanks for doing this series again! Esp. loved that you included yourself this time.

  7. I come here from a link in The Book Trunk.
    What an interesting post with such great questions. I love books and have too many in my house (several thousands) and still get more from the library. When I was growing up my mother would buy me 3 books if I was the first in my class – so I studied hard! I went to a book fair in Atlanta last month and could not stop buying more. I tried to find French books there because it is hard to find them around here (in the Atlanta area,) so I did buy some books I would not have thought of getting, like one by Jean Cocteau. I just finished “Dimanche et autres nouvelles” by Irene Nimerovsky and loved it. I also like “old” books – just found a 1901 edition of Elizabeth Von Armin “Elizabeth and her German Garden” – so different from Nimerovsky and stories about WW2.

  8. May I second the 'thanks for having us' - really enjoyable, and also useful to get one's thoughts in order (e.g., How did we all get to this point?). Thank you, Simon!

  9. Great fun Simon and interesting to read what the other bloggers wrote. Thank you very much for organising it. Off to American in another day and hopefully will find some new books !

  10. Thank you for such an interesting series, I have enjoyed all of the entries and been introduced to some new bloggers.


  11. been another great year simon ,all the best stu


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