Thursday 14 November 2013

Come and hear me talk in the Lake District!

Aeons ago I agreed to give a talk - entitled Ladies, Gentlemen and Foxes: The Fantasy Fringe of the Bloomsbury Group - in the Lake District, and the time is rolling around when it will actually be happening.  Indeed, it is Saturday 23rd November at 3pm, and I would love any Cumbrian blog readers to come along and say hello.  If anybody in the area can make it, info and booking is here.  You'll learn all about Virginia Woolf's Orlando and David Garnett's Lady Into Fox and more!

As usual when I sign up for these things, I am getting a bit nervous and terrified lest nobody turns up, so if I know at least one of you is attending, it will ease my nerves a lot...

Tell your friends! ;)


  1. You were brilliant at Felixstowe Simon so you will be brilliant here. Lots of luck but you willnot need it xx

  2. Oh dear, would have loved to pop up but it's a bit far! Best of luck with it, I'm sure you'll be marvellous!

  3. I actually live in Kendal, but I am working that day.

    Good luck!

  4. How exciting! I am sure you will be excellent, Simon, and I only wish I lived closer to the Lake District!

  5. Good Luck - what a shame your talk doesn't coincide with one of our Cumbrian trips!


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