Thursday 16 February 2012

Elizabeth Taylor is coming to Stuck-in-a-Book...

A little early, since the conversation about Palladian is in full swing over at Rachel's, but I thought I'd let you know that the Elizabeth Taylor Centenary celebrations are coming over to mine for March.  Laura has organised monthly readalongs at different blogs (more info here) and I believe there is still opportunity to sign up to host a month.

Anyway, March's book is A View of the Harbour (1947), and I'd love you all to join in.  I'm planning on posting my own thoughts about A View of the Harbour, and opening up a discussion, somewhere towards the end of March (provisionally Monday 26th March) in order to give everyone time to read the book earlier in the month.  But, fear not, I will be reminding you before that!

Lovely.  Hope you'll join in with one or two Elizabeth Taylor reads this year - I've missed January and February, oops, but I'm hoping to jump on board with other titles throughout 2012.


  1. Count me in for the Taylor read-along :-)

  2. Is it acceptable that I want to join in simply because of the attraction of the front cover?

    Judge me, judge me not.

  3. Marking it on my calendar, Simon!

  4. Oh Simon I'm having a nightmare with your comments box!!

    Anyway, very excited for this - count me in! I am going to finally get my huge pile of Elizabeth Taylors read this year!

    1. Congrats on persevering! I had high hopes to read all my ETs this year, but have missed two already (one I had; one I didn't.)

  5. I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor, a wonderful writer. (I expect you've read Nicola Beauman's biography of her. ) It must be twenty five years since I read 'A View of the Harbour', so I'll welcome the opportunity to read it again!


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