Saturday 22 October 2011

Stuck-in-a-Book's Weekend Miscellany

Time for a weekend miscellany, I think you'll agree, what with it being the weekend and all. I've been tidying my books lately (for which read: moving them around the room in the futile hope that this will create more space, and shoving all non-book items under my bed, in drawers, or at the bottom of my wardrobe). Anyway, it has revealed that I have thirteen books that I've read, waiting to be reviewed... all will hopefully be revealed soon, but for today I'm going to give you a few great reviews and some interesting bits and pieces.

1.) I always love it when new blogs start up, especially ones which show the promise that Open a Book does - Geetanjali writes some very persuasive reviews, such as this one on Watership Down, and she's also keen to find a Reading Challenge to adopt - if you have any good ideas, go here and help her out.

2.) My friend Katie has set up a baking blog, so pop over and visit if you're a fan of baking...

3.) There can be few more delightful blogging experiences than seeing a beloved book being appreciated by a much-admired blogger.  Recently I've had that pleasure two-fold, since both Eva and Rachel have recently reviewed one of my favourite novels, The Love-Child, on my 'recommendation'.  (Those inverted commas are for the pressure I exerted upon Rachel, which was akin to harrassment.  Eva went and surprised me by reading it, unpressured!)  Click on their names to read their very wonderful reviews of this exceptional little book.

4.) I think I'm going to address the Literary Merit vs. Readability debate in another post, mostly because I haven't decided what I think and will need to ramble on a bit to find out.  But go and prepare yourself by reading Simon S's post here, and join in the flourishing debate in the comments box.

5.) And finally the annual 24 Hour Readathon is running in memory of Dewey [thanks for telling me about this, Jackie], and although it's rather more hours than I could cope with , do pop over to Sasha's blog and see what she has planned.  It's pretty ambitious!

I had intended to feature some recent books too, but this feels like enough to be getting on with.  Perhaps next weekend I'll just do a round-up of books which have found their way to me in the past few weeks... for now, enjoy a bit of clicking around the blogosphere!


  1. I've been tidying my books lately (for which read: moving them around the room in the futile hope that this will create more space, and shoving all non-book items under my bed, in drawers, or at the bottom of my wardrobe).

    I know that all too well. Two weeks ago, my mailman put my latest book arrivals in one of those postal tubs inside the parcel locker, and I've resorted to using that tub as new space.

  2. My sorting books procedure is exactly like yours, so you are not alone out there. Forget you ever heard this, but I have a copy of The Love-Child and have not yet read it. It has, however, moved to the #1 TBR stack.

  3. Just thought I'd let you know that Dewey isn't running the readathon - Dewey died three years ago and the readathon was continued in her memory.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. :-)

  4. I have the same problem. Sadly my wife has finally realised that no matter how busily I shift books from one pile to another, the sum total seems to accumulate rather than diminish. She has made it clear that Somthing Must Be Done.

  5. I resisted a Kindle until last week. Arthritis in my thumb and finger sometimes makes it painful to hold a book, especially the paperbacks I prefer because of their lightness.

    But now .... My Kindle arrived Wednesday and I've already downloaded over fifty free books from both Amazon and Project Gutenberg. All of the Trollope I didn't have or had in nondescript paperbacks, all of Jules Verne, Tristram Shandy!

    I've been culling my shelves of anything paperback that I can download for free. My local Book Trader will be delighted with the bags of books I have to take to them and I'm thrilled that I'm reducing my physical library without reducing it's content.

    I'll keep the books with beautiful bindings, or those with inscriptions, or those with special meaning. I swore I'd never have an e-reader, but I'm now glad I do. And because we hope to move within the next year or two, my husband's delighted that there will be far fewer boxes to move!

  6. Still can't believe you haven't read Watership Down. One of my favourite books; it's a beautiful thing. I guess I would lend you my very tattered copy if you liked. But it would be sad if you hated it.

  7. I just read your post-- Thank you so much for the mention!

  8. Rory - haha, brilliant! I love hearing stories about how we manage to fit in our books.

    Ellen - I will remember that, and hound you until you read it! ;)

    Jackie - thanks so much for letting me know

    Guy - eeek! My housemate just offered to rent me her bookshelves...

    Joan - everyone seems to succumb to the Kindle in the end... but it does sound like you have a good reason for using it! I love the books being all around me too much...

    Mel - I do have a copy, somewhere... I'll read it on the sly, and just not tell you if I don't like it ;)

    Geetanjali - you're welcome!


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