Sunday 9 October 2011

Song for a Sunday

I spent most of my waking hours yesterday baking (pictures and recipes to follow - but not for Paul Hollywood's foccacio which did not work, chuh) and quite a few of them listening to this song.  Florence and the Machine aren't (isn't?) as obscure as most of the artists I feature here, at least in this country, but this new song 'Shake It Out' is too good not to share.  Enjoy!  (And don't try to delve too deeply into the horse metaphor... I had no idea what she was singing about.)


  1. Flo and her Italian references...
    If you could afford to build a circular tower for your horse to walk up... I think that was on QI a while back ;)
    Your foccacio dough... Get it wet, put olive oil on the table to kneed it, not the 00 flour. It might seem TOO wet, just go with it.

  2. I saw the focaccia bread being prepared on the TV Masterclass - with Paul Hollywood. I reckon he used about half a bottle of olive oil in the end - it came in at every stage. Have another go sometime - or just buy some in Sainsbury!

  3. Try the NY Times loaf, Simon, foolproof and much less work! (But it's also a very sloppy dough.)

  4. I loooove Florence + The Machine. Good choice for a Sunday :-) As for the foccacia, use lots of olive oil.


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