Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wikio Rankings

Quick blog post, for Wikio blog rankings - always a bit of fun. Tomorrow - expect some Somerset photos, and a list of the books I've been buying... although, so far, I've bought almost as many for other people as I've bought for myself. Almost.

1Charlie's Diary
2tales from the village
3Stuck In A Book
4Making it up
5Reading Matters
6Playing by the book
7Savidge Reads
8An Awfully Big Blog Adventure
9Farm Lane Books Blog» Farm Lane Books Blog
10Book Chick City
11Wondrous Reads
13My Favourite Books
14Lucy Felthouse - Erotic Author
15chasing bawa
18Lizzy's Literary Life
19For Books' Sake
20The Book Smugglers

Ranking made by Wikio


  1. So many of my favourite bloggers are all listed!!! love it.

  2. So many that I read as well.

    Make my 194 look positively light years away.


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