Friday, 19 August 2011

Holiday Purchases

So, I didn't buy any books on holiday this year....

...of COURSE I am lying to you. I bought fourteen. Most of these came from Bristol, where my brother lives - and thus before we started the holiday proper, I suppose.
Books for Amnesty on Gloucester Road in Bristol is something of a treasure trove - I recommend you get there if you can. They even had a half-price sale on whilst I was there, so my books came to an average of less than a pound. A sale at a charity shop does feel a bit odd, but... well, at least I bought a lot.

Diary of Virginia Woolf vol.2
For years I've had volumes 1, 3, 4 and 5 - all bought just as I came across them - but I'd never found vol.2 before. Nice to have a complete set now!

Invitation to the Waltz by Rosamund Lehmann
One of these days, I will actually *read* a book by Ms. Lehmann. One day, one day. And I get more and more choices...

Robinson by Muriel Spark
This was her second novel, and will be the second reworking of Robinson Crusoe that I read, after Foe by J.M. Coetzee - having not actually read Mr. Defoe's book, I might miss something...

Self-Control by Mary Brunton
I read 1.5 novels by Brunton a few years ago, but they were from the library - and I never finished the second half of this one. Brunton is mentioned in Jane Austen's diary (with some irony) and she's much more fun than her serious sounding titles appear.

In My Own Time by Nina Bawden
I've never actually read anything by Ms. Bawden - although I've got a couple of hers, including the wonderfully-titled Tortoise by Candlelight - but she sounds interesting.

The Education of Harriet Hatfield by May Sarton
I keep amassing Sartons, and must read The Magnificent Spinster soon, which came courtesy of Rachel/Book Snob. I picked up this one because I thought I'd seen it reviewed on a blog somewhere... but I can't find the link anywhere.

And then I got another couple of books in a fun boutiquey little bookshop/cafe - the name of which, sadly, I can't remember.

The Mighty and Their Fall by Ivy Compton-Burnett
I bought this because it was the nice Virago Modern Classics edition, intending to give away the duplicate - but then it turned out that I didn't actually have it in the first place! Her titles are all so similar that it's impossible to remember. I'm feeling ICB-withdrawal, so might head onto this soon. I read one a year, maybe, and it feels like longer than that since I last had an Ivy moment.

Curriculum Vitae by Muriel Spark
This is described as 'a volume of autobiography', whatever that means - I hadn't realised this existed until I saw it mentioned by Frances. So, stumbling across it for 50p was rather serendipitous!

And on into Shropshire - these came from Much Wenlock and Clun. So, despite venturing into Wales, I bought nary a book there. To be fair to our Welsh cousins (and, incidentally, I do have Welsh cousins) I didn't go to any bookshops whilst there.

Silence in October by Jens Christian Grondahl
I loved Virginia, which I read earlier this year, and was happy to stumble across another novel by Grondhal tucked under a bookshelf in Wenlock Books.

Pigeon Pie by Nancy Mitford
This nice Penguin edition adds to my Mitford-mania...

Treasure Hunt by Molly Keane
I bought this partly to stock up on more Keanes to read, and partly because I loved the cover.

Women Against Men by Storm Jameson
I've been meaning to read Jameson for ages - maybe this one will be my first?

My Next Bride by Kay Boyle
And where better to finish off my haul than a book I bought simply because it was a cheap Virago Modern Classic? Nice rationale, Simon...


  1. So many great titles! Congratulations on completing your Diary of Virginia Woolf set - there's something very satisfying in rounding out a series or collection. I know nothing about Storm Jameson (what a name!) so will look forward to seeing what you think of that one when you read it.

  2. A lot of great books and beautiful covers as well!

  3. please read The Weather in the Streets. It is wonderful.

  4. I almost got a heart attack there! Good to see you didn't let the side down;P Storm Jameson is one author I've been meaning to read for ages too. I think I've got one of her titles published by Capuchin Press. Enjoy!

  5. I have the Robinson (read it as well) but the other books. What a gorgeous pile of them. Each one sounds better than the last.

  6. I've gotta say, great ironic move, buying a book called "Self-Control" on yet another of your book-buying binges. ;o) x

  7. Just wondering, apropos of nothing, whether you've read any Stevie Smith? Novel on Yellow Paper is one of my all-time favourites.

  8. oooh nice haul... Now to read them... hahaha.

  9. I was going to give you a hard time, but Mel took the words right out from under my fingertips. :) A lovely haul! I'm still working on keeping my purchases down, but January 1 is getting closer and closer! :)

  10. Claire - I was so pleased to finally finish the Woolf diary collection, after years! I was determined to stumble across it, rather than simply buy it online. I've also had vol.2 out of Magd library for about three years...

    Amy - thanks! Some of these, I will confess, are not the covers I bought - Google Image search wasn't entirely forthcoming.

    Brenda - I have that one, I think!

    Sakura - I remembered after writing this that I *have* read one short non-fic book by Storm J, about literature, but still none of her novels.

    Mystica - I think Robinson might sink to the bottom of my Muriel Spark tbr, it doesn't appeal as much as some of her others. But I was delighted with my haul!

    Mel - haha, nice spot!

    Anna - no, I haven't, actually - although I do have Novel on Yellow Paper, and have been intending to read it for years. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Liz - indeed! Most of them went home with my parents, so might not be read for some time...

    Susan - I'm proud of you! Do you think you'll binge like me in January?


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