Thursday 2 June 2011

Perfect leaving present!

Today I have no good excuses for why I haven't written you a proper post - I shall be posting my review of The Slaves of Solitude tomorrow evening, let me know if you're joining in the readalong and have something ready to post.

For today, I just thought I'd share the leaving present I got from my lovely colleagues last week - my 9 month contract with Rare Books in the Bodleian came to an end, as did the job I was hired to do, so I have left them, and shall miss both the lovely, funny people I worked with and the interesting materials I saw. But before I went they gave me the perfect leaving present - they definitely know me well...


  1. I got a bit ahead of myself, or rather of everybody else, in the read-along -- looking forward to the other reviews including of course yours!

  2. That looks superb! Never seen anything like it before... You must treat us to a photo of the real thing when you have a chance to bake :-)

  3. I've never seen one of these before, but I'm anxious to see the results. Just the pan alone makes me "snack-y." :)

  4. Nice tin! What are you doing next Simon?

  5. That is one impressive cake tin! I'm also hoping you'll post a photo when you use it...

    I've also posted my review of The Slaves of Solitude - it was a great book and I'm so pleased I finally got around to reading it.


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