Tuesday 14 June 2011

Keep guessing!

I'm going to give you another day to keep guessing on the male/female authors - I wonder if a guess for both genders has been made for every quotation? I might get making a spreadsheet...

Also, just thought I'd mention that there is now a link to the My Life in Books series I ran on here in March/April - click on the icon in the right-hand column to see 14 bloggers and blog-readers talk about their favourite books through their lives. It made me remember how great all the participants were, and ponder on a second series...


  1. I couldn't guess a single one, Simon! But I do want to read several of them. Looking forward to the big reveal. xo

  2. I am 100% annoyed at Blogger's continued glitches in leaving comments. The problem was solved when I changed my comment page to a whole new page instead of 'embedded below the post', but for those who haven't done that? I'm usually unable to leave any thoughts. It's enough to make one want to move to WordPress, honestly.


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