Saturday 14 May 2011

Unplanned absence...

I shan't be blogging for a few days, it looks like - my computer screen broke, and went in to be fixed on Thursday. But now they're saying it could be Wednesday before I get it back...

Doh! Hope they do it soon. You might be forgiving, but my thesis chapter isn't... still, I seem to faff a lot less without my laptop, and get more reading done in bed. Currently loving Shirley Jackson's short stories, fyi.

See you soon...


  1. I thought blogger was broken anyway? Good luck getting it fixed. And with the thesis!

  2. Do you have backup copies of the thesis on something other than the laptop? A memory stick, a disk, or something else? Good luck with it all.

  3. Now you know for sure that computers and hammers don't mix! ;) Take your thesis frustrations out on something else :)

  4. Oh dear! Hope it'll get back to you soon. I get serious withdrawal symptoms when I'm without my laptop! More reading for you though, so it's not all bad :-)

  5. I always recommend my PhD students draft on paper the "old-fashioned" way. Of course I don't think many take my advice. I note that some of those who completed on-time did however ...

    Good luck with getting it all working again.

  6. So sorry about the computer! My biggest frustration with technology is that when whatever it happens to be fails, we can drag them out in the backyard and shoot them. I just think there would be something very therapeutic in that... ;)
    And, thank you for the new word. To my knowledge, I've never heard or seen "faff" before.

  7. That should be "CAN'T" drag them out and shoot them. Mercy, I shouldn't try to talk and type at the same time!


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