Sunday 8 May 2011

Song for a Sunday

I've been really enjoying your One Book, Two Book... posts - do let me know if you've done one, they're such fun to read!

Following in the steps of last week, I thought I'd post a couple of songs from an artist you think you know... but might not. Alanis Morissette is generally known as an angry, strident singer - but my favourite tracks of hers are very quite different from that. Here they are: 'That I Would Be Good' and 'That Particular Time' Obviously I like songs which begin with the word 'That'...

Listen to previous Sunday Songs here.


  1. I've been humming Alanis Morissette songs non-stop for the last few days (driving myself and everyone around me mad), so seeing your Song for a Sunday pick(s) made me laugh a little. I do love "That I Would Be Good" but I think my favourite of her songs has to be "Unsent" - it's soft but not too sweet and it has a harmonica! I'm a sucker for harmonicas (also, electric organs but those seem to be rarer these days).

  2. Wow... you're right: I didn't know about these songs... thanks!

  3. It is nice to see another side to Alanis but mostly I'm in it for the angry stuff! What can I say? I really enjoy yelling along. It clears the mind beautifully.


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