Wednesday 28 April 2010

Project 24...

Project 24 - #9

Just when it was getting to the end of April, and I was congratulating myself by being on track with my book count, I made the foolish mistake of wandering into the £2 bookshop in Oxford... and being confronted with this:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may I make my defence?

- it's Sylvia Townsend Warner, an author I love (and who has made an appearance in Project 24 already, you may recall, with Summer Will Show)

- it has a foreword by William Maxwell, another much liked author in these parts.

- it was only £2

- it's so preeettttty

I rest my case. I think.


  1. Simon, there is no case. It is beautiful!! Plus you are showing an extraordinary amount of strength with Project 24 anyway. Well done you, you deserve it!!

  2. I approve of your lapse Simon - if it is one. You can't be strong all the time. I have this on the tbr shelves. I love STW's stories.

  3. Oh Simon, you need to come book shopping with me! I'll keep you on the straight and narrow!

    Lovely purchase though. A worthy addition!

  4. Hahaha this made me laugh, I have to say though I think you make your case admirably!

  5. Case dismissed! You could not and should not have left this book to languish on the shelves, it was your civic duty to buy it. I agree with Elise, you deserve it!

  6. Exceptions should and must be made, especially when the stars are in alignment. And here they clearly were!

  7. If you had left the book in the shop you would be in danger of being hung drawn & quartered!

  8. Perhaps if you ever set a book buying limit again in the future it should be in the form of a total budget rather than a number of books? The £2 bookshop would come in very handy then.

  9. Absolved - case thrown out. I agree with David - book-buying limits should be on amount spent, though I realize you were possibly dealing with space concerns.

  10. It's not only pretty, it's also a wonderful read. Definitely a justifiable lapse!

  11. Elise - thank you, I now feel that I do!

    Lyn - Thanks :-) I'm looking forward to reading more STW

    Rachel - hmm, why do I feel that you'd do the exact opposite!

    Simon - you can be on the jry anytime, then ;-)

    Darlene - You make me feel that it was a virtue and not a vice! You lot are very bad for me...

    Lisa - haha! So many reasons to lapse..

    Ruth - now there definitely IS incentive!

    David - I did think about that, but I thought if I did it on quantity it would be a more fun challenge, and enable me to buy some pricier books I've had my eye on for a while...

    Nancy - yes, and space definitely factors in! Also I was trying to read more of my backlog.

    catalpa - thanks for the approval, I'm sure I'll v much enjoy them.


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