Sunday 4 April 2010

Easter Goodies

It has not been a barren Easter, book-wise. My friend Lucy and I (she is also on Project24) exchanged books as Easter presents (admittedly picking from each other's Amazon wishlists) and I was also lucky enough to win a prize draw of Agatha Raisin books from Simon S. What bounty!

There they are - except for A Spy in the Bookshop, which Luce also got me and which is still in Oxford. I mentioned it on here a while ago, bemoaning the fact that I didn't have it, and now I do - aren't blogs useful?

So, those in the picture - Winifred Holtby's 1936 memoir of Virginia Woolf (which I am really glad Lucy chose, as it's the one I secretly wanted most) and four Agatha Raisin books - Agatha Raisin and... the Walkers of Dembley; the Quiche of Death; the Vicious Vet, and the Potted Gardener. I've just spotted that the series also has Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham. Since I went to school in Evesham, I should check that one out too...

Hope you all had a lovely Easter - and if you got books instead of chocolate, or even as well as chocolate, let me know what you got!


  1. Well, I would rather get a basket full of book than chocolate any Easter :)

  2. Those Agatha Raisin covers are divine! Enjoy reading them!

  3. I think the books win over the chocs any day and you've got a beautiful pile over there. Congrats on the wins!

  4. Isn't it funny how we manage to make books work as gifts for any holiday when we really want them? I got plenty of chocolates and a Georgette Heyer book -- The Convenient Marriage. Your books look great!

  5. Books are a very good substitute for chocolate. I think the titles of the Agatha Raisin novels are fantastic - makes me want to read one! I got easter eggs myself, as well as a teapot and The New House by Lettice Cooper.

  6. Books and chocolate just go together!

    I had quite the treat this weekend. After meeting my dh for lunch on Good Friday, he told me to go spend some time and money in the bookstore since he was stuck in the office. I found Mariana by Monica Dickens (a Persephone in a retail store over here is a rare thing!), and picked up a copy of Julia Child's My Life in France. But, I'm currently reading The Girl on the Wall by Jean Bagott that I saw over at dovegreyreader's blog. Very interesting so far - I keep reading snippets of it aloud to my family.
    Glad you had a good Easter.

  7. Hoorah, am so pleased that they arrived and hope that you enjoy them very much, am a bit nervous now lol.

  8. Whoa! Sweet Easter stack. I sadly didn't get any books over Easter weekend, though I did get some nice notecards from my mom. Enjoy your books.


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