Thursday 25 February 2010

Jewish Book Week

I haven't been to many literary festivals, but next week I'll be adding another one to the small tally - Jewish Book Week, taking place in London 27th February - 7th March. I'm not Jewish myself, but I find so much of Jewish cultural history fascinating. And, of course, we share a Testament.. The people behind JBW very kindly got in touch with me and asked if there were any talks I fancied attending, and suggested the one on vegetarianism - sadly I can't make that, but I had a look at the wonderful variety of events (which you can see here) and put my name down for a couple...

So, on Wednesday I'll be attending Save The Children, in which Ruth Barnett, Susan Soyinka, and Karen Pollock will be talking about the evacuation of children during World War Two. I thought it would tie in interestingly with Terence Frisby's excellent memoir Kisses on a Postcard, which I wrote about a while ago.

And on Sunday, I'll be at Celebrating Irene Nemirovsky. I loved the powerful and compassionate Suite Francaise (as you'll see if you click here) and am looking forward to hearing more about her - an event at which her daughter will be speaking.

Do go and have a look at the list of events, and the blog Bagels and Books which they've set up, and maybe I'll even see you at one of those events... I'll be reporting back on them when I've been, of course - looking forward to it!


  1. This sounds fascinating. I'll look forward to hearing your report when you get back.

  2. this sounds really interesting - I would love to go the Nemirovsky talk but I will be in Sussex.

  3. "We share a Testament." Love it. :) Hope you enjoy!

  4. How fun! I can't wait to hear about it!

  5. Oh how random my pre-set post tomorrow features just this very thing, I will be nipping to a few too!

  6. I too look forward to what bookish things you have to tell us after your time there.


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