Monday 1 February 2010

Books and Bloggers and Winners

I don't think I've thanked you for all your fascinating comments on my What's In A Name? post - I haven't done much replying there, but I so enjoyed reading your comments. If you haven't had a look yet at the thoughts behind the blog names, do go and have a look at the comments here...

And now, drum roll please, time to announce the winner for The Winter Book by Tove Jansson - my friend Mel stepped in to play the role of bit-of-paper-selector (having excelled in her role as bits-of-paper-folder) - and the winner is....

Congratulations, Susan! Email me your address, and I'll get the book off to you - hope you like it. Susan was also, coincidentally, the first person to put her name in the comments. Just to prove that I wasn't lazy and cheated, here are all the other bits of paper with names on...

In other, rather exciting, news - the good people of The Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, North London have set up a great initiative - Bloggers' Book of the Month. They've asked ten bloggers to put forward a book they love every month, with a review, and will have a bookcase of these choice delights to offer the public (and those buying online). And they asked me to be one of the bloggers! See more about it here, including the illustrious company I am in, and the book I have chosen for February. Not unrelated to the beginning of this post, actually... Oh, and even more info here.

I haven't made my list for the year yet, I thought it would be more fun to think them up month by month. We're allowed to choose anything old or new, popular or obscure, so long as it's in print... what a privilege, and I do hope the initiative is a success for them - pop along and see what you think.


  1. Wow! I don't think I've ever won a drawing in my life! I think my 'first commenting' must have something to do with the time difference between here and there. The Big Green stint sounds really neat. The best we get around here is "employee recommendations" from the big stores, although that is probably because I don't live close enough to an independent book seller to frequent them.
    Thanks so much to Mel for drawing my name! :)

  2. What a fantastic opportunity for book bloggers to gain some footing in the "real world"! It would take me a month just to choose each book. ;)

  3. What a wonderful idea! I'd certainly rather select a book from book bloggers, known or unknown, than just choose from the vaguely title "recommended" wall at my local shop.

  4. Oh wow I love the idea of people reviewing books then having them available. I really rely on reviews before I buy a book, so I shall be following those reviews!


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