Thursday 17 September 2009


Just a quick note... I'd been spending an enormous amount of time setting up the Browse drop-down menu in the left-hand column, so you can now browse reviews by author... let me know if it's not working, or, indeed, if it is!


  1. It's working for me, both viewing the drop-down box, clicking on it, and then viewing the labelled page. I'm using Firefox on a Mac, if that helps.

  2. It's working for me when I click on it, but I can't see the arrow that I normally do on browse boxes. Might just be my Internet Explorer.
    Nice idea!

  3. I'm surprised you can even see the left hand column in IE, Tiffany! Firefox is the best way to review Blogger sites, I think (as well as having better virus protection, apparently)

  4. I finally saw this movie for the first time over the last winter holidays and agree it's a great film. I love Hitchcock, but I tend to gravitate more towards the movies he made in the 40s and 50s. Your cinema is great. It has such a nostalgic atmosphere. You never hear of movie theaters here being called 'Palaces' anymore--that seems like another 1940s-ish holdover!


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