Sunday 28 June 2009


How are twins like amnesiacs? Find out below...

Hurrah, technology works! My neutral status is the assumption that things won't work (computers, cars, biros) so it's always a pleasant surprise when they do - my posts appeared as if by magic. It's as though we weren't away, but I can promise you that we were - Col and I had a fun time in Devon and Cornwall, seeing castles and beaches and a donkey sanctuary.

I read four and a half books whilst I was away, so will be getting you updated on them before too long. I also, surprise surprise, bought a few. One which I had to leave at home in Somerset, because it was too bulky to take back on the train, was Virago's anthology of Twins and Doubles. I wish I could say more about it, but it's a few hundred miles away from me... but it looks interesting.

And whilst we're talking about twins, I've been rummaging through family albums, taking photos of photos, and I'll leave you with a picture from our childhood. It is quite bizarre, going through family photographs with Colin and Our Vicar's Wife, and often none of us were able to tell us apart. So I look at my family albums and don't know which pictures are of me... this is how twins are like amnesiacs.


  1. This picture is just way too cute. Did your mom dress you two in specific colors so she could tell you apart? I have two older sisters and my mom used to dress us in matching clothes--oh the embarrassment! :)

  2. My sister and I used to wear matching clothes and i never thought anything of it, it was just what we wore. People used to think we were twins although I was older by 16 months.
    You can always tell who is who, though.
    My embarassing situation is that in the real baby baby photos I can't tell which of my offspring is which. You'd think that the clothes would be a clue but as they were handed down from baby to baby that doesn't help either. The only surefire way of knowing is when there is a knitted cuddly bird in the picture, a gift from my sister. Child No.1 has a penguin, No.2 an owl and No. 3 a parrot. As the fellow in the "compare the meerkat dot com" ad says "simples!"

  3. Simon, I think you're Little Boy Blue! I'm glad you had such a good time in Devon and Cornwall and even managed to find more books!

  4. In defence of the dress code - this picture is of fancy dress (mind you, the jumpers and trousers were ordinary wear, so you are right Danielle - up to a point). People gave us outfits - usually identical, so a move to "two the same but different colours" was a step in the right direction. I only mixed the two up once, when someone phoned when they were in the bath and I grabbed the wrong pyjamas! They look so alike in some photos more because of the angle than anything. I never thought they looked alike at the time - well 'alike' but different... if you follow.
    Thanks for leaving the book Simon - may I have a browse? Please?

  5. My guess: Colin on the left and Simon on the right. (??)

  6. old photos,
    that take us back there.

  7. No need to defend the dress code! :) I knew a mom had to be able to tell her twins apart--even if the faces were the same surely the personalities have to be very different!

  8. That's a lovely picture.


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