Wednesday 14 January 2009

Fourth of the fourth

Sorry, I come back and then disappear again... I've just been away for a few days with the Oxford University Christian Union, spending time learning more about Jesus and how to follow Him, which has been exciting and challenging and rather nostalgia-inducing, as I first went on this trip four years ago, and met my two closest friends.

I'll be back with some recently read books soon, but a little too sleepy today. I was hoping to do a meme which Overdue tagged me for - post the fourth photograph in the fourth folder of my photo album. Sadly, since my laptop died and I have a new one, there are no photos on here yet. Instead, as with all good plans, I'm going to go to Facebook - and post the fourth photo from my fourth album on there.

This album is from my last weeks at Oxford as an undergraduate, when the Christan Union climbed to the top of Magdalen Tower (up the staircase, not scaling the walls) to pray and sing and wish the CU leavers well on their way. Obviously I came back... Left to right in this photo are Sarah, Liz, Claire (with her best smile), Maja and Dave. In the distance are the dreaming spires of Oxford.

Do feel free to try this meme yourself!


  1. Hey just found your blog!! Love everything about it. Gives us something to aspire to!! Keep up the sweet work.

  2. People in short sleeves! I'm sitting here in Ontario, Canada with a cold weather alert. It's -20C outside right now! Thanks for the very warming image Simon.

  3. I was going to do these meme but my fourth photo turned out to be an out of focus picture of my brother and niece by the Christmas tree from 2002. I doubt either would thank me for posting it but a lovely trip down nostalgia lane all the same.

  4. I tried your meme Simon. Go to my blog and you will find it .. if I can manage the technology. What a lovely memory. Thank you.

  5. Lovely pics!! My daughter teaches at Cambridge...:-)

  6. Four years doesn't sound long enough.
    Maybe that's cos I'm Old. x


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