Wednesday 21 January 2009

Book Groups

Whilst I'm asking questions (get ready for a few links) Karen at Cornflower recently posted this entry about Jenny Hartley's excellent Reading Groups (which I wrote about here), and she also linked to this article about the potential terror of book groups.

Phew. Links over, promise.

I'm in two face-to-face, or terrestrial, book groups and one online book group - I love 'em. I asked people back in August 2007 whether or not they had joined, and what they thought of them, but time to ask the question again! But this post was mostly to flag up a)the interesting article (personally I'm delighted not to be in a book group with the woman desperate to discuss politics), and b)remind everyone what a great book Reading Groups is, and how they should go and get a copy now.

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  1. Ok, you and Cornflower between you have convinced me that I need this book right away. I have put in my order!:)


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