Monday 29 December 2008

Tagged! Rules for living

Sadly my laptop is misbehaving, refusing to connect to the Internet, and I'm currently on Our Vicar's Wife's laptop at the moment... I launched myself on the net to find a new laptop with one rule in my mind - "Don't get another computer from Dell." And so, minutes later, I had bought one from Dell. Oh well. Perhaps it will be better than the one I've had, which encountered all sorts of difficulties and problems. But the new one will have a nice green lid.

The wonderful Overdue has tagged me for a meme, one which has become rather malleable in transit. When it arrived at Overdue's door, it was a list of 10 things which aggrieve you. She said, and I agree, that a list of 10 rules for life was rather more in the spirit of the Christmas season. Do go and check out her list, as it made me smile.

Ok. My list of ten rules for life... well, I'm young, I can't think of rules for life. I'll give rules for a reading life instead.

1. You can never own enough books.
2. You can probably own enough copies of the same book. Three or four, perhaps.
3. Judge books by covers - it gets a whole industry to itself, after all.
4. Comfort reads have their place.
5. And that place is bed, bath, train, sofa...
6. Never leave the house without a book. And a spare book in case you finish the first one. And a second spare one in case you finish the first two.
7. Always read the book before you see the film.
8. Don't, I repeat DON'T turn down the corners of pages if I'm watching you. And don't even THINK about reaching for your biro.
9. Ten minutes with a novel is worth an hour with the television.
10. Have at least one much-loved book you read every year - it will always be a bright spot to look forward to, and become a dear friend.

That was rather a scramble, but might have struck a chord with some of us. I'm going to tag some people for this one, as I usually just say "anyone do it", but today I shall wield my power!

Up to you, of course, and I've warped the top 10 into whatever I want it to be - so, for the following people (and anyone else who wants to do it) make a top 10 of rules for life, rules for books, grievances, favourite woodland creatures... whatever you like!

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Guy at Pursewarden
Colin at The Book Pirate
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  1. I work in a library so I love Rule #8. We've had a phantom editor that's eluded us for 10 years. He/She edits whole novels with a fine tip black marker, arrghhh!

  2. As for rule #7--I read about a hundred pages of Pride and Prejudice and hated it, and then I saw the 2005 film, which inspired me to like the book, so I read the whole book and loved it, watched the film again and hated that instead. And now I go on at great length about Jane Austen's fabulousness. I suppose it goes to show that a really good book just beats all else, but at least in this case the film was helpful.

  3. I rather zealously follow rule #10 (Have at least one much-loved book you read every year - it will always be a bright spot to look forward to, and become a dear friend). I have to make an effort to read something new!

  4. I used to follow rule #6. Then one day my train was delayed and re-routed, extending a 10-minute journey to a 90-minute one - and I finished all three books. Now, especially with a much longer commute, it has to be four - and I got through 3.75 of them yesterday!

  5. I have just clicked on Guy at Pursewarden and he's even more prolific than you. I am particularly interested in his current writing of the Plantagents. So thanks to you I have tagged him.

    Love everything about your blog.

  6. Oooh, good twist. Like it!
    I think a nice green lid has the power to solve all manner of technological problems, so your new pooter will be fine. Better than mine anyway, which only has one hinge these days.
    I knew a girl who got really drunk one night and, when she woke up next morning, had a vague recollection of making a toastie. When she went downstairs, sure enough there were bread crumbs all over the kitchen.
    Then she opened her laptop. Which contained slices of cheese and was spread with butter.
    Apparently the warranty doesn't cover that, so don't try it with your new one.

  7. Have a Happy New Year and read more books !! :-)

  8. I'm impressed with your rules! My favourite one would be No. 9. It's like wow! I've become a TV addict recently have been shamefully neglecting my books. Thanks for reminding me why I should get back to them. :)

  9. Very good, I like the twist. I agree with all of them especially judging a book by its cover. People say you shouldn't but I always do and am invariably right. As for turning down corners - shock, horror! I really felt so guilty annotating books when doing OU having been taught from a young age to NEVER to deface a book.

  10. Simon - I see you have tagged me and I will endeavour to get my rules up soon though I fear they will bear a distressing resemblance to yours!!

    Oh and my Dell laptop is just the same as yours with a green cover too, I am very pleased with it as it has huge swathes of memory BUT if it comes with Vista do be careful. It is not compatible with some ISP's (mainly AOL I have to admit which is why I am no longer with them) and also if your printer is mmore than two years old that is useless as well (well mine was yours might be better). caused me so much hassle this year. And a tip. If you have Word on it and are attaching files at all, I take the precaution of saving them as Word 97 files - that way everyone can open them. Sometimes with Vista recipients have problems.

    Oh dear did not mean to sound so Aunt Norris'ish....


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