Tuesday 2 December 2008


Here's an odd question... is there a month or time of year in which you read more books than the rest of the year? And what reasons are there for that, if it's true?

Looking back over the year, I've compiled this little league table of the number of books read per month...

17 - November
15 - July
14 - January
13 - August
13 - October
12 - March
11- April
11 - September
10 - February
10 - May
8 - June

Hmm... of course, book length comes into play - but I don't think any month has been taken up with excessively long or excessively short books. And I have no explanation why I read twice as much in November as I did in June, so nothing interesting to add... except that May was my time of Reader's Block, which accounts for it being near the bottom. Hmm... I'd be intrigued to hear if anyone has anything more valuable to contribute to this little question!


  1. How intriguing! I think there are months when I am energetic and get lots done and then there are months when nothing much seems to happen. I like to think of winter as a time for lots of reading, but I'm usually wishing I could hibernate and so I don't think in reality it makes much difference to the totals. Fifteen books a month is a huge number, though - almost four books a week.

  2. The deciding factor is always time - he most number of books I read in one month last year was 10, mainly because I was at home for Christmas hols with no distractions (like *occasionally* having to look like I'm working)...hopefully it'll be the same this month, as I'm lagging behind at the moment!


  3. Well let's see, here are mine:

    November: 20
    January: 20
    June: 19
    August: 18
    October: 17
    March: 17
    July: 15
    September: 9
    May: 11
    February: 11
    April: 10

    I've read lots in November and June because it's when many challenges were coming up to be done soon so I was cramming books. I imagine I read a lot in January because I was bored since the holidays were over. Other than that, I don't think the rest would be the same each year. I'll be reading a lot in December too because of cramming for challenges.
    BTW, for those that think that's a lot of books, I read lots of short books.

    Interesting thoughts.

  4. Personally, I know I have very strong seasonal associations with books. June is Pride and Prejudice and The Count of Monte Cristo, for example, because I read those for the first time in June. I associate December not so much with particular books but with reading a lot in general, because I was sick for a week in December last year and had nothing to do but read. This year that association is making me want to read a whole lot. I think it must have something to do with the fact that I do most of my reading on the bus, at the bus stop, walking to school, so the season, whatever it is, is all around me.


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