Thursday 16 October 2008

Lady Into Fox Into Hesperus

A quick post for those who think of little other than my 50 Books You Must Read But May Not Have Heard About... well, look out for another title to be added soon, but more excitingly one of the titles (completely coincidentally, I must say) has been reprinted by one of my favourite reprint publishers - Hesperus Press. You might remember Hesperus Week taking place here a while ago, which was rather fun (you could do a search through the Year One: Book Reviews, if you like, for the titles featured that week - Simonetta Perkins by L. P. Hartely, Cousin Phillis by Elizabeth Gaskell, and The Eternal Husband by Fyodor Dosteovsky).

The book which Hesperus have recently issued is, as today's post title suggests, Lady Into Fox by David Garnett - a link to my review can be found at no.13 in the not-in-any-particular-order list of 50 Books (22 so far, actually) on the left. Or go and buy it at the Hesperus website -, currently under construction but hopefully fully operable soon! Or, indeed, read it on Project Gutenberg, if you can - but the Hesperus edition is beautiful.


  1. What happened to Hesperus Press? There website seemed to have disappeared and their blog not updated. As this looks new, they must be there still. They are such nice little editions. I have a Wilkie Collins of theirs checked out from the library at the moment.

  2. Good question, Danielle - don't know. This one was published 2008, but I only know about it because I saw it in an Oxford bookshop... my email contact there hasn't replied or emailed for a while.

  3. Hello all,

    Hesperus is still very much in operation. Our website is under construction, but our new catalogue will be available soon, and will go to all those on our mailing list - get in touch if you'd like to be added. We've been hard at work producing not only this, but also many other wonderful books. And not only reprints! While we do endeavour to return to print rare and deserving works that have unjustly fallen out of print, a very large part of our list is devoted to new works - be they new translations of great works, newly commissioned biographies of literary greats, or award-winning contemporary fiction.

    Anyway, lovely to hear lots of messages of support. In the next few weeks we'll be publishing such delights as a new translation of Ageyev's cult 'A Romance with Cocaine', with a foreword by Toby Young; 'Brief Lives: Pushkin', a new biography of Russia's greatest poet; and Shaw 'On War', a unique selection of pieces by Bernard Shaw showcasing his attitude to this perennially pertinent issue, edited by Professor J.P. Wearing and with a foreword by Philip Pullman.

    Happy reading!

    Ellie, Hesperus Press


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