Monday 6 October 2008

Back to Magdalen

I am now officially a student again!

Not that I have the correct Student Card or a working college email address yet... spent this morning writing emails to the computing department and the student registration department, who were friendly but didn't find a solution to any of the above... so here's hoping that my new tutors aren't hoping to contact me. Doh.

So far my only activity as a graduate fresher has been attending the welcome dinner, which was pleasant, where I chatted to two tutors from my undergraduate days, and didn't really speak to the other English Masters student. That's right, there's only one other English Masters student at Magdalen... gosh. Tomorrow I'll meet the whole rabble, and hopefully lots of new Englishy friends to wave at in the library... (I also mentioned this blog to one of my tutors, but I rather hope he doesn't come by today, as this must be the least intelligent post I've written for some months.... back to more literary matters soon, promise.)

The most exciting news of the evening, I reckon, was that each Graduate Fresher gets book tokens. Guess how much? More. More than that. Oo, close. £120. !!!
I've never understood how people can hold onto book tokens for months or years, as mine tend to last until I'm next within running distance of a bookshop - but even I might have my work cut out in spending £120 immediately.

Speaking of book totals... I counted my books over the Summer, while doing the 'cataloguing'. Guess how many... go on, in the comments, and we'll see who's closest...


  1. I'll add a zero to that 120 pounds and guess: 1200

  2. You get vouchers?!? That's unfair. I'm sure you'll have no trouble spending them though.

    I would guess, but I'd be cheating, seeing as how you told me the other day!

  3. Judging by the piles I kept tripping over while you were home - about 50,000
    but maybe I exaggerate!

  4. 974

    A fairly random number. I'm impressed that you dared count them, though, I never have.

  5. if we guess right do we get the book vouchers?? Lge. XxX


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