Wednesday 17 September 2008

Lost in Lost in Austen

It's official. I love Lost in Austen too much. This is utterly daft, but keeps getting better and better - after astonishing revelations concerning Georgiana Darcy and Caroline Bingley, I ought really to be writing to the scriptwriter 'Damn you and damn every man who won't light a candle in his window and stay up all night damning you' (brilliant line!) but, as it is, I adore everything about this programme. In amongst the absurdities and nonsenses were some very genuinely moving moments. I might have to put the DVD on my birthday list - and can't wait to see what Jemima Rooper will do next...


  1. Simon - I have just posted about this and agree with you, it is wonderful. Daft and silly and yet last night after Amanda's declaration to Darcy and her realisation that every man she has met or been with, she was seeking him, he was always with her, I found myself quite moved. I very much like the Wickham/Georgiana twist. Very clever indeed.

  2. Why oh why do these things always take so long to cross the pond? The series sounds wonderful. I guess I'll have to wait for the North American DVD - probably in two years!

  3. I think that 'Damn you' line is the best thing I've ever heard come out of an Austen character's mouth! I must confess myself dubious to start with, but I love it now!

  4. I was rather baffled by one reviewer's inability to believe that a 21st century woman might choose to escape an unsatisfactory life by reading Austen. I should introduce him to practically every woman I know.

    I fully expected to hate every moment, but in fact I'm enchanted. I particularly love having not the least idea what is going to happen next, instead of mentally ticking off the Significant Moments along with the screenwriter.


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