Saturday 27 September 2008

The Reader - Questions?

A brief interlude whilst I wait for The Carbon Copy's musings... to ask if anyone has any questions about the Reader? No use me blathering on if you have something specific to ask... saw this Q&A on someone else's blog, and thought it was a good idea.

Of course, as Phil already found out, I might not know. If I don't, I'll forward your questions onto Those Who Will Know (probably nice Huw who sent the Reader to me) and get back to you!


  1. I use an Apple it compatible? In a way, I rather hope it isn't, then I can just put away any decisions!!!!


  2. Here are a few questions:
    1) Can you search in the text?
    2) Is there software to allow me to produce e-book compatible documents (I mean bundled with the reader, I could always search through SourceForge or equivalent I guess for Open Source products)
    3) How robust do you think it might be against dropping etc.
    4) Is there anything pernicious like DVD region control that would prevent me running a USA e-book on a UK purchased reader.

    Dark Puss

  3. Simon, I think I found out some of the answers to my questions fairly quickly! You (and your readers, "e" or otherwise) might like to look at this site:

    Dark Puss

  4. Since I download quite a few books from Project Gutenberg and Project Runeberg I've been looking at different e-readers - without getting any wiser. The only thing I'm sure about is that I can't afford one!

    I'm curious to know if you think it is worth the money?

    I also wonder if your reader can handle non-English letters like å, ä, ö, ü and ß?

    And what about pictures - will it show illustrations?

  5. I'm surprised that the index is sorted both on the eReader and on the Waterstone's site rather badly: it seems as though you search First name Last name (i.e Jane rather than Austen) and the book titles appear on the Waterstone's site alphabetically by title, so you can't go and look at all the Dickens together, for instance. I'd like to sort by author surname, please.
    Someone told me that, having set up the eReader on your PC, that you can feed it with books on a memory stick from a Mac, but I don't know that for sure.

  6. The Waterstones e-books site lists nearly 6,000 books avaialble for download. Sadly these are mostly "best-sellers" (known in the publishing trade as "Christmas Crap") rather than real books. For example, in all that 5,800 odd there is no place for The Alexandria Quartet, arguably the greatest novel ever written.

  7. Thanks a million to you and Colin. This is the info everyone has needed to make a decision. Not for me, but I can see how some would like it. No way any of the old books will ever be sold for them. I found a page you might like to read:


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