Sunday, 1 June 2008

More Malvern

Some photos I took during my day out yesterday...

The view from the park where I had my ice cream... and later fell asleep on top of my book (no indictment of the book, which was excellent)

A lot of Malvern is an beautiful mixture of maintained and natural - none of the fussiness of some cities' parks, but still well looked after.

If anyone fancies buying me a house, then I would be willing to accept this one...

I accidentally discovered the world's smallest theatre! (Shown both above and below) Converted from a Victorian lavatory, it hosts a tiny theatre, which at the moment does shows on request. Sadly, I made no such request, but next time might be tempted. Tis wittily called The Theatre of Small Convenience, and they even have a website. Apparently they were on BBC's The One Show recently.


  1. Lovely photos! Sounds like the perfect day. You received a response from Mrs Mosley? My goodness.

  2. It looks as your dream-house has enough rooms for you to invite all who reads your blog!

    I hope you can afford to heat it in the winter! Wasn't it Betty Kane (in Josephine Tey's "The Franchise Affair") who thought that you were rich if your house had more than six chimneys? I think you have to be rich to keep comfortable in that house during the winters. It's kind of tricky to turn the pages with mittens on your hands - I've tried.

  3. The weather looks lovely - what a pity you didn't send some of it my way in Cornwall.
    As for your house of dreams, it looks fantastic. I read in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday that a house that Virginia Woolf stayed in after her first breakdown is on the market - a snip at 3.3 million. If I sold my flat I could afford a 13th of it - do you know eleven other people to chip in (assuming you were willing to give up the house in Malvern, and buy in with me ;) )

  4. Very pretty indeed. What was showing in the theatre? (Not Flushed Away I hope)!

  5. What an awesome set of photos!!! The theater and park in particular sound amazing.

  6. Should have made clear that I meant play-theatre rather than film-theatre - so at the moment they have a puppet show on, I think!


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