Monday, 23 June 2008

Bits n' Bobs

One of those posts without any structure, just like we were told not to write essays. Lucky, this isn't an essay, then, isn't it?!

First off, I saw my house for next year - I'd alr
eady agreed to live there, since my friends had seen it, but nice to look round. Seems perfectly pleasant - a bit like my house at the moment, but smaller. And rather cheaper. The other side of Oxford, near the river (apparently the house itself doesn't flood, but we might need a dinghy) - Marlborough Road, if anyone knows Oxford well. And even if they don't...

Compare to my photo of my current house, posted nearly a year ago. Not overwhelmingly different!

Patrick Vickery sent me an email this week about rural ramblings etc. on a Scottish Rural Community Gateway website. Well, here at Stuck-in-a-Book we like rural and we like rambling, and we have a certain affection for Scotland (though would secretly like to live in Dorset, possibly in Thomas Hardy's beautiful cottage) - so go along and see what Patrick has to say.

Finally, Two Ravens Press. You may remember I wrote about them here, and some of their books here and here. WELL, now they've gone and started a literary webmag - good for them! It's called Corvaceous, and has contributions from people
like Alasdair Gray and Alice Thompson. Lots of interesting stuff there, and they can be found here. (Not to mention their literary blog). Phew! What a lot of interesting stuff. I personally can't wait for Vanessa and Virginia by Susan Sellers, which I'll be reading soon - if you can't guess who it's about, I obviously haven't been harping on enough...


  1. Many thanks, Simon! :-)

  2. This'll get Amazon in a real twizzle: you in Marlborough Road, Oxford, and me in ditto, Chizz Wick!


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