Friday, 11 April 2008

Year One Book Reviews

As promised, the first year of book reviews is posted below! From now on there will be a link in the left-hand column. Thanks so much, Ber, for asking whether sketches would be treated with a similar post - I hadn't thought of it, but will get onto it soon...

Speaking of sketches, thought I'd give away a very little birthday present - I'll pop the 'Book Reviews Made Easy' sketch in the post to someone, as a souvenir. If you'd like it, just comment in the comments - shall we say a couple of days to enter? It's only, as Elaine at Random Jottings would say, a Bijou Prizerette.

Have just made a coconut cake, which can be considered a birthday cake...


  1. Coconut cake, Mmmmmmmmm... Enjoy!
    Many happy returns on Your Day and congrats on your first year - so glad your site is here (for our enjoyment).

    Bijou Prizerette? Oooo... Another drawing? Put my name in, please. Thanks.

  2. Here's my name for the Bijou Prizerette too ... and what an impressive (and neat - in all senses) Year One review list. (Also love the Jane Austen option on the sketch ... ).

  3. Many Happy Returns to both you and the blog!

    I would love to be in your draw please.

  4. Please pop my name into the hat - I'd love a Stuckinabook Original !

  5. What a great way to display your book reviews! Congratulations on the blog's first birthday, I have discovered many interesting books here.

  6. Can't tell you how often I've visited and enjoyed your reviews and views!

    I'm still looking for a good contemporary novel to teach my British Lit students. It's a three-year project and will get more serious about it during the summer.

    Love the list you made and I'll be back to peruse it, for sure.

    A couple weeks ago I started a reading blog and am having fun designing it and figuring out exactly what I want it to be. So far it's pretty basic.

    Reading Blog

  7. Oh, please put my name in your hat! Any chance of sending a piece of that cake as well?

  8. Very many happy returns! Please include my name, too, I love the sketch. Having a book token in hand, I'm about to peruse the Year One list for something to spend it on.

  9. Simon--
    I am so impressed by the sheer volume of reviews you've done in your first year! and thanks for the list. I am eager to read back posts since I am newish to your blog. I'm glad you will be rounding up all of your sketches as well. They're wonderful! I would be thrilled to win the Bijou Prizerette. How fun!
    Deborah @ Exuberant Reader

  10. better than sharing a piece of ur coconut cake is what uve been doing here: stimulating the rising of new readers. im quite sure this is a great way to make the world better.
    tnx again, dude.

    ps: cant wait to see the sketches' section.

  11. I'd love a chance in the draw - another name for the hat, and another round of congratulations on a great first year. Happy blog-day!


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