Wednesday 23 April 2008

In theory...

Isn't it nice when something spreads across the internet?

When I listed my A-Z favourite authors, with accompanying books, I hoped a few people would get puzzling over their response - and, to my gratification, quite a few of you did. So thought I'd point you all in the various directions -

Sibylle (shares a massive seven authors with me...)


Have I missed anyone?

Was considering compiling a list of authors chosen, but you can go and have a look yourselves. I think George Eliot wins out, by virtue of her unusual 'E-' surname - though I was expecting more Austen. Isn't it great that there are so many favourite authors out there, in the blogosphere? Lots of names to investigate.

In other news, I passed my Driving Theory Test this morning - hurray! I now have two years to pass my driving test proper, and might need all of that time... But at least I now know that a horse might go in any direction at a roundabout, and that a mobile 'phone increases the risk of an accident by four times. Goodness knows what calamities a horse on a mobile 'phone would cause...


  1. ... or you on a horse speaking into your mobile phone ... .

    But seriously, CONGRATULATIONS.

  2. Congrats on the theory test. I failed mine first time, by only one point. I was so annoyed. I blame the fact that they asked me a question about insurance that I hadn't even contemplated might be on the test.

    Passed second time, and by then they had touch screen and everything. Good luck with the practical!

  3. Congratulations on passing your theory test. I remember (distantly) passing mine and it was a scrape through as they asked loads of questions about cycling and I'd skipped those bits... Good luck with the practical one!

  4. Have I missed anyone?
    Me, perhaps :)
    And congrats !

  5. Congratulations! I haven't had the nerve to try to do my A-Z list, yet. I'm afraid I'll get bogged down and have a terrible time trying to choose. But, I love looking at everyone else's lists. :)

  6. Actually I was going to choose JA's Persuasion, but then I figured everyone would chose her, so I would be different. :) I love Helene Hanff's books by the way (I think I've read almost all of them--due for rereads soon), and I also thought the Fadiman book was great! Congrats on passing your driving test!

  7. congratulations on passing the theory part of the driving test! Freedom on the logjammed road awaits! Oh and I think I saw this morning that iliana at Bookgirl's nightstand has also done the meme - it's an irresistible one!

  8. Yep, I just put up my list. This was so fun to do. Of course, now I'm thinking, I could have added a different author or book. Ha,ha. Thank you for starting this!
    Oh and congrats on the test!

  9. I put up a list too - thanks for the great idea!

    And congrats on the theory test - I passed mine recently but haven't had the guts to take the practical test yet!

  10. It was a fun idea and made me remember two authors I had completely forgotten that I like - Doris Grumbach and A. B. Yehoshuah. Thanks for the link!

  11. It's fun reading all these different lists! Thanks for compiling them all in one place. And congratulations on passing your theory test!


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