Friday, 22 June 2007

Tan? This isn't a tan, it's rust...

Hello again!
I do hope some of you are still lingering around the outskirts of Stuck-in-a-Book after my longest sojourn to date. It's nice to be back in the ether, though I wouldn't have missed the holiday - despite the almost constantly abysmal weather. And thus what you see above you is all that I managed to produce on the painting front - that, and another hastily begun painting, which I will attempt to complete from memory. The lighthouse above (hope you can work out which part of the painting is supposed to be a lighthouse) is no ordinary lighthouse, oh no. It is the lighthouse, of To The Lighthouse. Or so Our Vicar tells me, and I trust him. It was very exciting, standing with an easel and palette, and gives one the instant feeling of being an artist, whatever the canvas might suggest.

What else? Well, I got through four books, one for each of the authors in the previous post's collage, and I'll be reporting back on them as and when. None will be joining the 50 Books, even if the list is in no particular order. Two were banned on the rule that authors can't be repeated; one I don't consider obscure enough; the other didn't make the grade. See if you can work out which is which...

Anyway, nice to be back. Put on a kettle, someone, would you?

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  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear the weather was awful, but it's always nice to get away (especially if you can complete one painting and read four books!). Looking forward to hearing about what you read. I think I know which two were banned, but not sure on the other two. By the way--I never got around to mentioning it--but thanks for sharing the photos a while back--very nice (I love seeing other places--not just the famous landmarks--but especially the personal sorts of places)!


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