Sunday 3 June 2007

Bookshop... or should I say Bookstore?

A while ago I asked if anyone had visited great bookshops, and wanted to proclaim their greatness back to the blogging world, via their own little slot on Stuck in a Book. Never one to rescind a promise (can one rescind a promise?) I thought I'd bring you a special bookshop from across-the-pond-and-up-a-bit. Canada, that is, and thanks to Janice for providing everything that follows (paraphrased by me).

Today's bookshop is McNally Robinson's in Calgary, Canada.

When did you find out about them?
Visiting cousins in Calgary, serendipitously while wandering on the main downtown shopping street in the city

Why are they so great?

The outside isn't interesting, but inside it's magic... the golden glow of sunshine on the beautiful wood floors pulled me in, and I spent the rest of the day
exploring three floors; the Children's Department kept me for two hours.

What did you buy?
Kipling's Just So Stories, and Children's Letters to God, a collection compiled by Stuart Hample. [from Simon - I've read this too, it's brilliantly amusing!]

Contact information?
McNally Robinson are a chain-store, selling new books - for more info.

Anything else of interest?
The children's section of the store included the rather wonderful sign:

Thank you, Janice!

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