Sunday, 15 January 2012

Song for a Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone.  The cake was nice, thanks, although we had run out of icing sugar - so I couldn't have it at work.  Instead, I had it whilst watching Miranda on DVD.  Chocolate cake with orange butter cream filling mmmmmmm....

Anyway, almost as nice as cake is this song from Rebecca Ferguson, 'Nothing's Real But Love'.  If you live in the UK you might have heard of Lovely Rebecca (as she's known in my head) from the X Factor - a lot of people judge singers from these sorts of shows without hearing them.  So... have a listen!  She has a lovely, soulful voice.  Over to you, Lovely Rebecca...


  1. She does have a nice voice. But there is something that has puzzled me for years (so I don't know why it's coming out now, but never mind!) - why do British (as I assume she is) pop singers feel the need to put on a fake American accent?

  2. @ Rosie from JicciNubie
    1 : The choice of the guys in suits - To sell to as wide a world as possible.

    2 : It is learned from the cradle in the same way as music itself - on the radio, TV, other peoples records ............

  3. Sorry - excuse me -
    Hello Simon,
    Mrs Palfrey pointed me in your direction!
    JicciNubie xx

  4. i love this song. your blog is great, it wud be really great if you cud check out mine. you never kno u mite like it.

  5. Glad you like Rebecca Ferguson and have given her a bit of support. I have no idea why she hasn't become more popular (though she's probably at No 1 and I wouldn't know!). Became a watcher of the X Factor because of her. She's got soul!



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