Sunday, 20 February 2011

Song for a Sunday

We've missed a few weekends, and of course next weekend will be filled with Persephone excitement, so it seemed time for another Sunday Song. This isn't a particularly un-well-known band, but perhaps you won't have come across this lovely little song: 'Communication' by The Cardigans.

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  1. Lovely stuff. I only knew "My Favourite Game" and "Burning Down the House", neither of which I liked, but this one is a real gem.

    In return, I offer you this: Gentry Morris – Thank God
    You will need Spotify to listen to it, since I've not been able to find a decent version on the likes of You Tube or My Space music (other songs by Morris can be found on both those sites). You can join Spotify Open for free at

    I came across Morris for the first time yesterday, in a concert also featuring Juliet Turner and Yvonne Lyon, recorded in Edinburgh in 2009 and broadcast by Glasgow-based Celtic Music Radio. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be scheduled for repeat in the near future. They took it in turns to sing one of their songs, and in between chatted about what had influenced each song. It sounded like a really good gig.

  2. David - thanks so much for that link, what a lovely song. I usually listen to female vocalists, but I can definitely see myself getting more into Gentry Moss. Any friend of Juliet Turner! (I only have one of her albums - Burn The Black Suit, I think it's called - but should check out more.)

    And so glad you like 'Communication' - can't remember how I heard it, but it's much nicer than the earlier stuff with which I was familiar.

  3. Just downloaded this great tune to my iPod! Thanks for another great suggestion.


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