Sunday, 24 October 2010

Song for a Sunday

I found out about Amelia Curran from the rather brilliant website, and have gone on to get - and love - three of her albums. Hoping to track down the first two, but they're near impossible to locate.

Today's track is from her most recent album Hunter, Hunter. It's called 'The Mistress' and I get more from it everytime I listen - really thoughtful lyrics. This is a live version, which I usually don't like that much, but this one works - and, plus, I can't find any recorded version of 'The Mistress' online.

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  1. you might enjoy this version:

  2. Thanks for sharing this song, Simon. I love Amelia Curran's music, especially her album War Brides, but I've yet to hear her new one Hunter, Hunter. She's great live if you ever get the chance to see her.


  3. Anon - thank you

    Virginia - Hunter, Hunter is my favourite of her albums yet. I'd love to see her alive, but annoyingly didn't know she was coming to London a while ago - can't really afford to air fare to Canada!

  4. I'm sure air fare to Canada is expensive from Britain, but hopefully, she'll return to England sometime soon. You might also like these other Canadian artists who are along the same lines: Jill Barber, Jenn Grant, Basia Bulat, and Rose Cousins.


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