Sunday, 3 January 2010

Project 24

Well, I've started the New Year with a filthy cold... feeling very sorry for myself, and eating and drinking a lot. Lucky I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions about calorie consumption... but I did, as you probably know, about books.

This is just a heads-up about a new thingummy in the right-hand column. It's just to your right, and it says 'Project 24'. At the moment, if you click on the link, it takes you to a page with precisely nothing on it - if you're as naturally curious as me, you'll have just found out that I'm telling the truth - but this will all change! When I buy a book, I'll let you know what it is, why I chose it etc. - and will add it to that link. So as the year goes on, if you're interested, you can find out what's found its way into my house so far.

Well, I'm three days in and haven't bought any books yet! Hope you're proud of me...

I know some of you were going to join me in Project 24 - just remind me if you are...

Oh, and I'm hoping to make a more distinctive picture to act as a banner for Project 24 posts... any suggestions of good software/website for designing this sort of thing would be much appreciated.


  1. PROJECT 24 - This sounds like a great idea. I never track what I buy and so it gets out of hand. Can we join in with you and use your button or is there a place to sign up?

  2. I just made up the Project 24 name because I'm only going to buy 24 books - and then stole that picture from the BBC, as they have a programme called 24! Nowhere to sign up, but you're welcome to do the same thing on your own blog.

  3. Oh!! It's a great idea though. I think I'll try and start to track ALL buys perhaps -- thanks for the idea though.

  4. I don't think I could possibly join you in P24 but I hope your cold gets better soon.

  5. Im with you Sim.


  6. Good luck with this Simon I hope it all goes really well will be watching with a keen interest, and very jealous of you just buying the 24!

  7. I am in awe of your self control - I plan on cutting down the number of books I buy, but always end up on stumbling on a book (or three) that i just *have* to buy. I look forward to following your progress :)

  8. I pray that your cold is quick to resolve. You've inspired me to think on what my number should be (I know I'm probably not strong enough to stick to 24, but perhaps I could use it as the bottom of my range...maybe 24-42 with my age being my maximum?) Anyway, I'm still thinking. My dh will applaud you AND your influence on me. :)
    Susan in TX

  9. Simon - I do hope you feel better soon. I think it might be a very good idea for me to keep a list of books bought as well this year and I am pretty sure that I will be horrified by the numbers that I do!

  10. This is an awesome idea & one I plan to adopt & advertise on my blog. (I know my husband will be glad!) I can help you with a banner / graphic and send you directions to on how to create it as a grab on your blog if you like. Email me & I'll send you the how to. If you give me an idea of what you want, I can create something for you in photoshop...

  11. Far too easy! How about joining Dark Puss on Project Zero?

    Happy New Year


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