Thursday, 21 January 2010

Project 24: Book One

Project 24 - #1

As Susan spotted the other day, the first book of 2010 has found its way to my little home - and it's Roofs Off! by Richmal Crompton. Possibly, though I won't swear to it, the first novel I own with an exclamation mark in the title (quick trivia question: what's the only place name in England with an exclamation mark in it? That's not a trick question, by the way.)

I have some abebooks alerts which, indeed, alert me to various books which I might want. And one of them is Author=Crompton and ~william (hello Mr. Boolean, I hope you're feeling well). As you probably know, I'm rather a fan of Richmal Crompton's novels, and quite a few of them almost never come up in the virtual marketplace. In the six or so years I've tried to find Crompton's novels, I've never seen Roofs Off! advertised, and it was a fairly reasonable price - I feel it's a good start to Project24.

I'm tippy-tappy-typing this a few days in advance, and when you read it I'll be off in Suffolk with Our Vicar's Wife - and, if all goes to plan, soon to be meeting up with Elaine aka Random Jottings. And maybe, perhaps, buying book no.2....

Fellow Project24-ers, or anyone on book restriction - how's it going? Be strong! Or, if you give up, make sure it's a really good haul...


  1. Westward Ho! of course!

    Sounds like a good start to the project to me! Good for you finding a much sought after book..I know that feeling!

    Well, as of today it's been 21 days and I'm still going strong! I have nearly broken down on a couple of occasions but I am kept sane by the knowledge that I am going to the library on Saturday and can pick up some of the juicy recommendations I have collected from the blogosphere over the past few weeks!

  2. Yes you're doing great. Almost the end of January and only one bought. Keep it up!

  3. Simon - it's Westward Ho!

    And I'm still bookless in 2010...

    Carol N

  4. Dear Simon, my "Project Zero" is going just fine thank you!

  5. By the way who is Mr Boolean? I think you mean Mr Boole, no?

  6. Have a lovely time in Suffolk, I do wonder what book number two will be...

    Well I am on my 22nd day of no buying and so far so good, I have even managed to avoid the temptation of a library book sale so am feeling quite pleased already!

  7. Another "new-to-me" author! I was bragging to my husband the other night about the fact that January was halfway over and I hadn't bought a single book and he said, "Ah, but January is ONLY halfway over." Alas, he knows me too well. :) I did laugh out loud at your last comment, "Or, if you give up, make sure it's a really good haul..."

    I should confess that while I have been "good," I have not had a chance to go to a single bookstore these last couple of weeks, and I do still have a "visa gift card" left over from Christmas. Does it count if you spend a gift card? ;)

    Happy shopping - I'll look forward to seeing what other "obscure" titles you turn up (obscure to me, that is).
    Susan in TX

  8. I'll be confessing my first purchase on my blog soon...

  9. So, does Oklahoma! qualify as a US state with an ! ?

    Susan in Texas(!): I believe it does NOT count if the gift card was paid for in 2009.

    By the way, Simon, I just bought The Silent Traveller in Oxford (with a 2009 gift card) based on your recent find.

  10. I still haven't made any firm book buying commitments, but I am trying my best to not buy new, at least. There's a used bookstore near where I live that takes half off the cover price. If you bring in books to exchange they give you 3/4 off! At that price, really, isn't it considered not actually buying books at all???!!!

  11. Lucky you--a Richmal Crompton novel. You Had to buy it! I've had gift cards I've been using so I think I've gotten at least ten new books so far. I would never last on your restricted book buying diet I'm afraid. But I will offer you much support anyway!

  12. ...sorry...that last comment was me....


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