Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Persephone Post

Another brief blog entry, to point you in the direction of another blog. Quite a new one, though not an unfamiliar source - Persephone Books have started The Persephone Post. The form the blog takes is a picture - painting, photograph, reproduction - and a small explanation. Quite diverse, they've already included a vintage poster, some chairs and a Morris Traveller, somehow it's cohesive in the Persephone spirit. Go, enjoy.

I hope they don't mind, I've reproduced the poster, as I love it. It's by Frank Newbold, 1942.


  1. Thank you for that link to 'The Persephone Post'.

  2. I discovered this over the weekend; it's lovely.

  3. Found it last week and have it marked as a favourite, such lovely images aren't they.

  4. I discovered this last week - I love it!


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