Thursday, 18 June 2009

Persephone 10th Birthday

A few months ago I kicked off a week of celebrating Persephone's 10th Birthday here at Stuck-in-a-Book. There was a quiz, little reviews, and the opportunity to share how we found out about Persephone. Today, rather outdoing me in terms of people and refreshments, Nicola Beauman and everyone at Persephone Books held a party at their Lamb's Conduit Street shop to belatedly celebrate the decade of Persephone. Since some of the dovegreybooks group are meeting tomorrow to see As You Like It at the Globe, we thought we'd meet a day early to help Persephone celebrate. And what fun it was.

The feminist magazine Subtext sent someone along, Charlotte, who blogged about it here, and posted her photographs of the event here. If you have a flick through the photographs, you'll see me (I'm in yellow) and everyone else enjoying the
Persephone festivities. And you might even be able to work out which books I bought in the 3-for-2 celebratory promotion (which is going on all week on the website - order and pay for two books as usual, but write ‘free book please' and the title of the third book you would like in the Additional Info box)

Yes, since there is photographic evidence, I needn't pretend that I have been the abstemious creature I'd intended to be whilst standing outside the shop. Since I didn't have a list with me, I couldn't remember which ones I didn't have. But I know I don't have the children's books, so snapped up The Runaway by Elizabeth Anna Hart, and The Children Who Lived In A Barn by Eleanor Graham. For my third book, what better than They Were Sisters by Dorothy Whipple?

And the day was made complete by a serendipitous, and delightful, encounter with Mary Cadogan. She is the author of Richmal Crompton: The Women Behind William, a rather wonderful biography of one of my favourite writers. Hopefully she'll be willing to lend Nicola Beauman and/or myself two scarce Crompton novels, The Innermost Room and Anne Morrison - Mary Cadogan says they're the best ones, and ought to be back in print... so fingers crossed...

Off to see As You Like It tomorrow, which has had rather good reviews. Will let you know what I think in due course, of course. Don't forget to go and get your Persephone Books in the 3-for-2 on the website ( - if you need any suggestions, you know who to ask.


  1. Terrific photos Simon, I called my husband over to show him the back room where we sat for our Someone at a Distance book chat last month. I wanted to order They Were Sisters but the website said that it was being reprinted, perhaps there are copies ready to go since you picked one up!

  2. So guess what... I have been stuck on your site for a while. Love books and definitely find your take on the written word refreshing.

  3. Oh how lovely that you were able to attend, Simon!
    I had planned to but unfortunately cannot indulge this month (I am most distressed) :(.

    Lovely choices of books too. The Children ones I have been meaning to buy and I read They Were Sisters earlier this year and loved it; typically Whipple it is raw and heart-wrenching.


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