Monday, 14 April 2008

Sketchy Behaviour

I decided to triple my Bijou Prizette, since there is a little stockpile of previous sketches on my desk, and thus there are three lucky winners of Stuck-in-a-Book doodlings. Glad they're going to a good home - so, without further ado (drumroll, please)...

Book Reviews Made Easy goes to - Linda!

Karen at Cornflower was next - and I thought this one was particularly appropriate, drawn for the day when I met Karen in Magdalen, almost a year ago:

Catherine at Juxtabook was the third winner - I chose this one for her:

Ladies, if I don't already have your address, please email it to me at Congratulations!


  1. They are lovely, Simon. Lucky lucky winners!

  2. I'm delighted to be getting such a special sketch. Thankyou, Simon.

  3. Thank you so much Simon. I am looking forward to its arrival.


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