Saturday, 15 March 2008

Patch Does The Honours

Time for the draw for the Hesperus competition, and the offer of any book from the backlist, so kindly offered by Ellie and the other lovely people at Hesperus. 35 names to put in a (metaphorical) hat - and who better to help out than experienced name-drawer, Patch. He's dressed up warm at the moment, in a jumper made by Our Vicar's Wife many a moon ago.

Lots of people to choose from...

But he's settled on one in the end.

Well done Angela!

You went for Aphra Behn when you entered the draw (good choice!) but feel free to change your mind if you like, that is the reader's prerogative. Let me know, and email me your address, and I'll pass it along to Ellie at Hesperus. Hope everyone had fun!


  1. And well done Patch!

  2. With Patch on the job we know the draw was done fairly. Not lucky enough to win, I console myself with the thought that I can always borrow a book from you Simon!
    Oh, and congratulations on your good news.

  3. Well done Patch and Angela!

  4. THANK you so much Simon ... I mean Patch. What with this one and dovegrey's the other day I feel very spoiled indeed. Thank you.

  5. Yay for Patch! Hilarious - and cute, too. Is he a creature of many talents?


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