Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Unusual Book

This book arrived this morning...

In the middle of all other sorts of books, so shall have all sorts of new comments in a flurry at some point. To link to yesterday, one is a re-read, one is a new read by an 'old' author, and one is a new read by a 'new' author! And, what is more, I'm enjoying the lot of 'em.


  1. Peter the flautist17 January 2008 08:37

    Have you broken your "Mission Impossible" vow, or has some kind person given you this book?

    Good Luck with the lessons.

    Dark Puss

  2. We discussed this today and decided that, as it came with my driving lessons as part of a package, it would only count as half a point - i.e. I can't do it again!

  3. Peter the flautist18 January 2008 09:06

    Very fair!


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