Tuesday 3 February 2015

My Family and Other Animals

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll already have seen me raving about this one (oh, yes, I have Twitter - @stuck_inabook - tell your friends) but I loved the latest Slightly Foxed memoir My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell.

And, indeed, I have written about it at Shiny New Books. Even if you don't usually like clicking from one place to another, do go and read more about this one, because I'd be surprised if this can be beaten as my book of 2015... (strong words for a book read in January!)


  1. Glad it turned out to be so good Simon! My OH thinks it's the bees knees and if he didn't already have copies I would have got him the Slightly Foxed one. For now, I'll stick to his brother's tales - but I may get to this one one day!


    1. I've never read anything by Laurence Durrell - and now I'm going to find it difficult, with so firm an image of 'Larry' in my mind!

  2. I've read this several times and will never forget that Larry travelled with a trunk full of books and a briefcase with a change of clothes. I may be paraphrasing, but I first read it many decades ago, so I hope I'm forgiven.

  3. Yes, it's dreadful having grown up with the G. Durrell books - I just can NOT take L. Durrell seriously as an author! I can't quite believe you hadn't read this before - although the rest of his books are about running a zoo and capturing animals in far-flung parts, so quite animally, they are also hiLARious.

  4. Sounds fantastic. I wish I knew about this book when I was looking for island-based books to read when I went to stay on a Greek island last year as it would have been perfect. It's now on my pile waiting to be read. Thanks

  5. I loved this book! There's also quite a good BBC tv adaptation. I watched it with my kids and they thought it was hilarious. I have the sequel but still haven't read it yet.

  6. This is a favorite book of mine, in fact I have 2 copies. I have an old copy, and then bought a new copy to give to my son. But so far, he hasn't said yes so I have two.


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