Sunday 7 December 2014

Stuck-in-a-Book's 2014 in first lines

This lovely annual meme is all over the place again, and I can't resist. Essentially, it means copying the first line from the first post of each month, as a nice (if perhaps aleatory) overview of the year... Go ahead; do it yourself! (And click on the links to go to the original posts.)

Happy new year! For those not in the know - my plan in 2014 is to read a book for every year from 1914-2013, review them, and put the links on this page.

This has been my jam this week:

Do you ever just go and look along your bookshelves, reminding yourself of the exciting and interesting books you've been meaning to read?

Thanks for all your lovely messages yesterday - it now feels mean to make you wait a week before unveiling the Shiny New Books magazine properly, but if you follow us on Twitter we're giving a few teasers from reviews and features.

Another month, another cold... and I still haven't written properly about the book that got me through the last cold.

One of the types of books I most love are those incidental, silly-humour books from between the world wars.

Six months in, let's assess where I am with A Century of Books.

We're changing contracts with our internet provider, and so won't have internet for a week or so... which means I'm going on an enforced blogging break!

Another book review to point you to in Shiny New Books! This one is by an author I'd love to know more about - Sybille Bedford.

And now I'm going to do this records, since I obviously couldn't resist!

As I'm sure you all know, November is NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month.

A quick post to announce that we've uploaded the Shiny New Books Christmas update - over 30 new reviews and features!


  1. Had to look up 'aleatory' ! Such fun - love this meme and love your February in particular. I did it earlier in the week, once I'd got my first December post in.

  2. I do like this meme - must have a go....

  3. I must have a go at this - however, my first post every month is usually my State of the TBR one, so I might have to get a bit creative. We'll see ...

  4. February made me laugh...apologies for taking pleasure at what must have been a 'sticky' time.

  5. Haven't blogged enough this year to be able to do this (in fact, I've hardly blocked at all)... But I'm enjoying reading other people's!.

  6. PS: I do like the Shiny New Books - how can I have been absent for so long and missed that!. I was only going to take a short break.

  7. I was trying to do mine but it's remarkably boring... Love reading other people's though!

  8. I've done mine - I thought it was boring but I don't think it is (other opinions may be available)


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