Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Reader's Block

Thankfully my Reader's Block is over, but I've written about it over at Vulpes Libris today...


  1. I have gone through something very similar recently Simon but I notice that it always happens in the summer. Not sure if it harks back to my childhood when my mother used to tell me to get out in the fresh air and put that book away, but that is so.Also at the moment have hayfever and with itchy eyes reading is tiring.

    However, I have a huge pile of books awaiting my attention and try as I might I simply cannot read any of them at the moment and so I have done what I always do and that is turn to old and familiar books or read rubbish. I have been immersed in a Mills and Boon fest the last few weeks. I read one, hurl it into the charity shop box and start the next. I am not decrying M and B authors, how they manage to write these books and on a deadline I will never know, but they do not stay with me, they are light and charming and fun and they have seen me through the last few weeks.

    I, too, turn to Agatha when I hit this kind of block and I reread some of my favourites. I particularly enjoy her stand alone books written in the twenties/thrities such as The Man in the Brown Suit and Secret of Chimneys. They are sheer delight.

    Wimbledon this week and then I think I can concentrate on reading again but come September I shall be settling in for the winter and that is when I love reading the most.

  2. I have Reader's Block just now: not fun!

  3. Oh yes! I recognise this. Agatha Christie helps with me too. Or short stories, I can often find my way back into reading by giving short stories a go, and children's books. Preferably something that's familiar from my childhood. It's no good trying to read something new, and there's no point in fighting it, eventually it'll pass. Though there's always that horrible moment when you think - will I ever read again? Makes me come out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

  4. I certainly recognise it and have suffered from it from time to time. Horrid. And nothing to do but wait for it to go away. Glad yours has gone, anyway.

  5. Simon, that is a hysterically funny piece! It made me laugh out loud. You're brilliant!

  6. After a traumatic separation and divorce several years ago, I found I was unable to read anything. I turned to crossword puzzles that I could dip into until things calmed down and concentration slowly returned. I was so thrilled when I finished the first book after this time, that I sent a card to the author, Katie Fforde, thanking her for writing it and telling her a little about why it was so significant. She wrote me a charming letter back and I went on to enjoy all types of books.
    Since that time, I can always tell if I am in danger of having some "black hole" days, because the reading stops. It's a real pleasing when I notice it resuming. Then I know that all is going to be fine and I have ridden out the wobble.

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  8. I have experienced reader's block in the past. It is not enjoyable and one feels guilty about having too many unread books on my bookshelf. My technique to deal with the dreaded reader's block is to read a variety of books, some challenging and some easy, light quick reads to keep reading fun. Re-reading my favourite books also keeps me interested in reading.

  9. I could see you being played by Tom Hiddleston if Clooney isn't available. I'm having a touch of readers block at the moment too and it definitely bothers me.


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