Saturday 15 December 2012

A Quick Note

There's me, making a stand on being active in the blogosphere - and I go and disappear for a while.  I'm afraid I'll be ducking under the radar until Monday, and then I'll be back with pizzazz - replying to all your wonderful comments etc.  Family time at the moment - including our village sketch show, where I played newsreader Donald McTrevor (with a sort of Yorkshire accent, for some reason.)  More anon.


  1. I see that again you have no comments, so I think that I'd better rectify that. So here's a question (and it IS a genuine one for all that it might seem otherwise) for you and your readers. What is conveyed by the term "blogosphere" and why do you use it? Why is activity in the "on-line" world given a silly name but we do not refer (I think) to similar activity in the pen&inky-sphere? Any idea of the origin of the term?

    Just a Christmas thought from the ever-spiky feline (and you thought I'd be lying quietly by the fireside ...)

    1. Right, back and ready to reply to comments! I suppose 'blogosphere' is a spin on 'biosphere'? I don't really know quite where it came from, and I don't much like it (although I don't have your problem with 'blog'!) but saying 'blogging world' over and over again gets a bit of a mouthful. If you think of a better alternative, I shall happily use it!

    2. Interesting question, Dark Puss. There is a short article about it Hope it will help :)


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