Tuesday 27 November 2012

My day in books - Cornflower strikes again!

I've been meaning to do Cornflower's My Day In Books - fill in the answers with books you've read this year.  It's tricky, and I seem to have moved to the coast, but always fun!  Do have a go yourself, and check out Karen's original post.  (Where I have reviewed the books, they get a link.)

I began the day by A View of the Harbour

before breakfasting on Brighton Rock

and admiring The World I Live In.

On my way to work I saw Art in Nature

and walked by The Sea, The Sea

to avoid The Wrong Place,

but I made sure to stop at The Other Garden.

In the office, my boss said Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,

and sent me to research More Women Than Men.

At lunch with Spinster of this Parish

I noticed Sweet William

in The Corner That Held Them

greatly enjoying Green Thoughts.

Then on the journey home, I contemplated All The Books of My Life

because I have Enthusiasms

and am drawn to The Uncommon Reader*.

Settling down for the evening, Back to Home and Duty,

I studied Elders and Betters

by I. Compton-Burnett

before saying goodnight to One Fine Day.

*This review is from 2007, but I re-read it earlier this year


  1. Awesome!!! I'm totally smiling because this post was so cute. Very creative.

  2. I love this meme and particularly enjoyed the maritime start to your day. Your office sentence made me laugh - what a perfect pairing of titles!

    1. I know! I did smile to myself when that pairing occurred to me...

  3. Oh what fun, Simon. Nice walk along the coast. And of course, I can resist diving in as well.

    I began the day by Call(ing) The Midwife
    before breakfasting on This Rough Magic
    and admiring The Principles of Uncertainty.

    On my way to work I saw The Astaires
    and walked by Sixpence House
    to avoid Sydney Chambers and the Shadow of Death
    but I made sure to stop at The Ivy Tree.

    In the office, my boss said The Sky is Falling
    and sent me to research Voices From the 99 Percent.
    At lunch with Decca
    I noticed A Hive of Suspects
    in Paper Houses
    greatly enjoying The Smoke.

    Then on the journey home, I contemplated Paddling my own Canoe
    because I have Time Off for Good Behaviour
    and am drawn to Laura Ryder’s Masterpiece.

    Settling down for the evening, The Lights Go On Again.
    I studied Flight Behavior
    by Looking at the Moon
    before saying goodnight to Rilla of Ingleside.

    1. Lovely, Susan! Shadow of Death definitely something to avoid!

  4. I meant, of course, I CAN'T resist. As you noticed?

  5. Very well done! I always enjoy these memes.

  6. Loved it Simon!. I completed this exercise using old Vintage Penguin book titles of books I own. It is lots of fun.


  7. Hi Simon. Thanks for your creative post. Here is my Day in Books:


  8. Can never resist these, Simon. Here's mine :

    I began the day by The Amorous Bicycle

    before breakfasting on The Wine of Solitude

    and admiring The Way Things Are.

    On my way to work I saw The World My Wilderness

    and walked by The Spanish Farm

    to avoid A303 Highway to the Sun,

    but I made sure to stop at Greenbanks.

    In the office, my boss said We are Besieged

    and sent me to research Mr Chippy’s Last Expedition.

    At lunch with Carrie The hated Wife

    I noticed The Tortoise and The Hare

    in The Ashgrove

    greatly enjoying Blind Man’s Buff.

    Then on the journey home, I contemplated The Horror of Love

    because I have The Uninvited Guests

    and am drawn to Harriet.

    Settling down for the evening, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

    I studied Words and Pictures

    by Ruth

    before saying goodnight to Charles Dickens.


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