Monday 7 May 2012

Happy Birthday Sherpa!

Continuing a theme of my time at home, somewhat, you can wish Sherpa a very Happy 2nd Birthday!  She's marginally less silly than when she as a little kitten, and falls off things less, but it would still be a stretch to call her intelligent.  She is, however, very active - being athletic and stupid, she doesn't fit in particularly with the family Thomas... but we love her to bits.  I can't find her at the mo (she loves hiding) so here's an old picture.

To drag this back to books, here's a little game.  Can you subtly alter (with puns, please) book titles to make them feline friendly?  I'm thinking A Tail of Two Kitties, but wittier...  The best one gets Sherpa's purr of approval.


  1. Love the photo Simon, so sweet. I often look at baby photos my pets. How about "Puss of the d'Urbervilles". Sorry it is still early over here. There actually are books of cats and literature titles, as well as cats dressed as characters in good books. That would be a fun review if anyone had one of them.

  2. Your kitty is adorable!! I have a few very bad puns to offer her:

    The Great Catsby
    To Kill (and Eat) a Mockingbird
    The Meow and the Fury
    Starship Tabbies

  3. Oh, not to mention Grimm's Complete Fairy Tails. :-)

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  5. Happy Birthday, Sherpa! This is a very sweet photo of her and I also loved the one of her on the chair from your Weekend Miscellany post (though I clearly forgot to mention that when I commented).

  6. Cat in the Rye (too obvious!). And I hope that Tomcat Jones and Meow Flanders never get together.

  7. How about a Shakespearian quotation?
    " Tabb-y, or not tabb-y? That is the question."
    Mmm, OK. Terrible! Back to the drawing board.

  8. The Girl with the Purr-l earring
    Furry Tail of New York

    I am now deaf from my daughter Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-ing and Sooooo Cuuuuuute-ing in my left ear as I type.

    Happy Birthday Sherpa.

  9. Happy Birthday Sherpa - wherever you are!
    As for bad book and cat puns
    Louis de Bernieres 'Captain Corelli's Meowlin'!'
    Kevin Barry's 'Kitty of Bohane'
    John Le Carre's 'A Purrfect Spy'
    Nicholas Blake's 'The Whiskers In The Gloom'
    Jane Austen's 'Northhanger Tabby'
    Sorry about the awfulness of these!

  10. I am not a cat person AT ALL but the cuteness of Sherpa is unbelievable! Look at that little face!!!

  11. I'm not a cat person either, but I'm loving the puns, especially "Tabby or not tabby". How about:

    A Dance to the Music of Feline
    Cats 22
    What Cat-y Did

  12. Well, I am a cat person, an animal person, really. I love and respect them all.

    Anyway, happy birthday, Sherpa, from four friends across the Atlantic! Best wishes for a year full of catnip, sunshine, and laps! Nikita Turtle, Hannah, and me.

  13. I would like to mention a story to which I am particularly partial...
    "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse" - no puns required! Purrrrrrrrrrr

  14. Very sweet! Surely she shops at "Miss Kitty Hats".

    For your challenge, if I am allowed a play, how about "A Streetcat named Desire"?

  15. Oh, I share my birthday with Sherpa (and Robert Browning)... Happy Purr-day to us...I shall celebrate by reading Vanity Furr...

  16. Anything from Purrsephone.

  17. Aw Happy Birthday Sherpa!

  18. Purrsuasion!

    Happy Purrthday, Shurrrpa!

  19. Sherpa is cute little cat.

  20. Do put us out of our misery, which one got the loudest purr?

    1. Sherpa and I have discussed this, and I think it's a tie between Northanger Tabby and your own A Streetcat Named Desire (although Sherpa does not, of course, associate with streetcats.)


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