Friday 16 December 2011

Persephone Secret Santa

Well, today is the day we are supposed to reveal our Persephone Secret Santa gifts... but... I don't have mine yet.

 Turns out I was going to be given it at the Persephone Books Open House today, but in the end I couldn't go... because I had locked myself out!  I wasn't stuck outside for very long, but I was on quite a tight schedule, and it was long enough to make it impractical to get to London and pack for going home for Christmas (which I'm doing later today.)

However, I did get a card from my Persephone Secret Santa this morning!  In lieu of a book, I'll show off my lovely, intriguing card:

Thanks to Claire and Verity for organising this - I look forward to seeing everyone unveiling their books, and yelping about how exciting it all is.  You'll just have to comment on my card and cartoon (bonus points if you recognised the Persephone logo...), for the time being...

If you got a Persephone Secret Santa, do pop a link to your reveal post in the comments.  I'll show off mine when it arrives!


  1. Hello & thank you to my Persephone Secret Santa. So sorry yours didn't arrive. I can't wait to laze on the sofa reading it. The holly bauble looks great on our tree. Happy Christmas.

  2. But I thought everyone in England left a key to the front door under the flower pot? They do on Midsomer Murders anyway...

    Enjoy your book once it arrives and I loved your sketch!

  3. Your sketch made my morning! Sometimes it's even more fun to get a gift in two parts -- because it's twice the fun! Have a happy holiday season!

  4. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your book to arrive. Loved your sketch!

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you had to miss the Open House! I'm glad you got a little hint though.

    I did get my Secret Santa gift -- Good Things in England by Florence White. But my Santa's identity is a mystery. . . . who can it be?

    I look forward to hearing about your gift when you receive it.

  6. I hope you get your book soon! I had the best time sending clues and I think I've made a new friend.

    My Santa was the lovely KarenK. who sent me a book... and CHOCOLATE! :)

  7. JHD - you're very welcome! It's one of my favourites, so I hope you like it.

    Verity - I know! I've been exchanging mysterious texts...

    Darlene - haha, not in cities, sadly... And thank you very much :)

    Col - aww, and your comment on my sketch made my morning in return :)

    Karoline - thank you and thank you!

    Karen - still a mystery? That's persistent Secret Santaing! I bought my Mum Good Things in England a while ago - the gingerbread recipe is delicious!

    Care - how nice, clues and everything!


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